Loan monitoring has
never been so transparent.

Meet Dasher, your single source of truth for loan compliance insights.

As a lender, you need transparency in your
portfolio to
manage compliance risk effectively.


But today’s disconnected systems make it challenging to:

Collect loan compliance data
frequently in a timely, scalable way.

Spot risk early enough for
action to be taken.

Track compliance trends over time for
more proactive risk management.

Collectively, these challenges reduce productivity, increase risk, and hinder growth.

Dasher helps lenders overcome these challenges.
Our centralized loan reporting and monitoring platform optimizes compliance data collection and risk management.
We digitize your operations to provide the efficiencies and insights you need to increase productivity, reduce risk, and realize growth.
Centralize loan
compliance requests.

Quickly structure and schedule all of your loan compliance document and data requests in one central platform. We handle the reminder and collection workflows so you can stay focused until it’s time for analysis.

Collaborate in the
context of reporting.

Communicate effectively with your borrowers in the context of reporting for more effective, compliant submissions. Capture your conversations along with the data for audibility and easy sharing across your team(s).

Visualize reporting and monitoring health.

Get the transparency you need to stay on top of compliance and the insights to manage risk proactively. Learn from your data and share with your borrowers for productive conversations and stronger relationships.

Organize compliance consistently over time.

Our loan compliance data room is consistently organized, easy to search and share for collaboration. We provide a central source of truth for loan compliance data to help improve your own compliance and more easily meet any analysis or regulatory need.

Dasher delivers results.


increase in borrower
reporting compliance


reduction in
loan servicing time

With the efficiencies and insights you need to
increase productivity, reduce risk, and realize growth in your business.

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